Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review

If you are often required to clean jewelry, CDs, or even glasses, it is recommended to have something like an ultrasonic cleaner to make them shine. There are 3 important points to remember before acquiring a device like this: the size of the tank, the quality of equipment and other functions, not to mention the power of ultrasound. You will avoid setting your sights on the first device you encounter, and by so, almost nullifying the risk of regretting your purchase.

But what ultrasonic cleaner should you acquire? Since you’ve most likely made a search on the Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner, we’re happy to oblige with our Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review.

After reading this article, you will be hopefully a step closer to decide what cleaner you should buy, if not already set to buy one. But before starting with the Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review, let’s first see what the Sharpertek manufacturer is made of.

Sharpertek: the brand

If you’ve already heard of Sharpertek before, then you already know that this company isn’t new to the ultrasonic cleaners’ field. Although Sharpertek is pretty famous with its ultrasonic cleaners, and also with its plastic welding systems and tooling, many people don’t know that this company was first created as an engineering consulting one.

But we all know that nothing is constant and everything can take an unexpected turn of events, and Sharpertek is definitely not part of the exception. Now the question that remains is this: Are Shapertek’s ultrasonic cleaners as good as the Magnasonic ones? keep reading to find out.

Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review: Quick summary

Time to take a look at the different ultrasonic cleaners that we will review in this article:

Ulrasonic cleaner
WeightDimensionsDegas mode HeaterTank capacityLink
SharperTek 2 LiterUltrasonic Cleaner

5.0 pounds

6" x 5.25" x 4"



67.6 oz (2 L)

Product's page

25 pounds

16" x 16" x 20"



4 gallons

Product's page

SharperTek Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Liter

SharperTek Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Liter

Let’s start our Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review with one of the smallest devices made by SharperTek. By small, we didn’t certainly mean a 20 oz tank’s capacity but rather something larger.

This ultrasonic cleaner comes with a pretty spacious tank approximating 67.6 oz, so why did we say that we will start with something small? Well if you compare this cleaner to the other one that we will review next, then you will get our point.

Going back to what’s important, what are the features of this ultrasonic cleaner? First, the cleaning cycles: If you are someone who likes to have a machine that can allow you to choose between a wide range of cleaning options, then you will be delighted to know that with this device, you can go up to a 60 min cleaning cycle! That’s pretty much impressive!

What about the heater? Is it embedded to this machine? The answer is yes. However, you can’t select your temperature, there is only one preset temperature, and nothing could be done to change it. It’s a little bit disappointing.

But if by any chance you decide to purchase this SharperTek’s cleaner, you will get access to 2 years warranty and also to a 30 days money back, if you aren’t satisfied with it.

- 6 cleaning cycles going up to 60 min
- Has a heater
- Simple to use
- Pretty expensive
- Not a very popular product
- No tap for used liquid's evacuation
- Only one preset temperature

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SharperTek Digital 4.0 Gallon Ultrasonic Heated Cleaner

SharperTek 4.0 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner

Time to close our Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review with a large ultrasonic cleaner and naturally an expensive one. We know we know, we didn’t see all the SharpeerTek cleaners, however, we’ve only selected the best ones and we’ve discarded the ones that are similar or the ones that have bad ratings.

Anyway, what’s so special about this ultrasonic cleaner? First things first, the volume. This unit is considered one of the biggest ultrasonic cleaners available for the public. It offers a 4 gallons capacity so in short, it’s destined for the professionals.

Needless to say, it has a heater and also a timer going up to 60 min just like the previous machine. However, what makes this device shine beside its big tank’s capacity, is the degas feature. What’s so special about it? Well, the degas mode allows the disappearance of gas bubbles responsible for perturbing the cavitation process.

Pretty neat, but is it worth to spend more than 1.000$ on such a device? Well for us, the answer is definitely no. Yes, this ultrasonic cleaner is a neat one to have if you are looking for a large unit, but we think that it’s not worth more than 650$. If you want to own one with great capacity, then you should consider this cleaner. It has 8 gallons capacity and costs a little bit more than 800$.

- Extremely spacious unit
- Has a heater and a timer
- Offers the degas feature
- There is a tap for used liquids' evacuation
- Extremely expensive
- Not a popular product

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That’s it for our Sharpertek ultrasonic cleaner review. As you can see, there isn’t much to be said about these ultrasonic cleaners. Pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary, we think that acquiring one of these devices can’t be a bad move to make, but there are definitely better choices, in term of volume, features, and of course the prices.

Check the iSonic manufacturer, or the kendal brand if you are eager to see better options. If you want to extend your prospects even more, then we invite you to take a look at our best selection of ultrasonic cleaners for 2019.


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