Vevor ultrasonic cleaner review

Thinking about the best way to clean your jewelry, eyeglasses or even small mechanical parts, without getting yourself involved with a third party or without losing your time with the traditional manual methods? Well then, you don’t need to worry, you have come to the right place! Here, we will take a deep look into Vevor ultrasonic cleaner review. You may ask yourself, who is this manufacturer? Well, it’s one of the best selling ultrasonic jewelry cleaners available at the moment. But first, if you are not familiar with the ultrasonic cleaning concept, here is an article that can shed some light on this method.

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Different capacities

Vevor 67.6 oz tank’s capacity


Vevor 1014.4 oz tank’s capacity


For practical reasons, VEVOR didn’t think twice about creating various products with different dimensions: whether you are looking to clean some small rings or earlobes in modest quantities in your home, or whether you are a professional looking for wider prospects, so you are in need of a bigger product, then you will be satisfied with what VEVOR has to offer :
From 1.3 L, 2L.. up to a 30L tank capacity, you can choose between a large set of options.

But now, to simplify this review, let’s take the 15 L capacity VEVOR brand and talk about it in details.
We begin with the shape and size: Just like its other versions, this one is designed in a cubic form, in which you can place your liquids and then your object to start the cleaning operation.
As for the weight, despite the appearances, it does not surpass the 15.4 pounds (7kg) so you don’t need to worry about getting some help to displace it.

Technical parameters

In this machine, you can find a digital monitor responsible for two things mainly: The temperature and time control. With its advanced technology, there is no reason to concern yourself about the precision of this device. As for the temperature and timer range, it varies respectively between 32 f to a maximum of 176 degrees f (80 degrees c), and between 0 and 30 min.

Transducers powerFrequencyHeating powerVoltageTransuders number
360 W40 KHz400 W110 V6


For those of you who fear life short products quality, Well VEVOR obviously thought about you: This product comes in a durable stainless steel construction for extra strength and endurance.
And for optimal results, the ultrasonic cleaning and heating can work at the same time, so no need to separate these two operations and lose more time in the process.
Finally, for easy rinsing, there is a flow control valve available to drain the used liquid and thus making cleaning the machine easy and practical.

How to use Vevor ultrasonic cleaner

Now, to understand how to use this machine, let us follow the steps below :

1) Fill the tank up to the fill line with water.

2) Add a little bit of dish soap for better cleaning results.

3) Plug in the machine.

4) Put the machine’s basket inside the tank.

5) Select the desired temperature and let it heat until it reaches it. ( you can know when it reaches it by reading the “actual temperature” screen)

6) Select your desired operation time.

7) Place your object inside the basket and start the cleaning process.

Here is a demonstrative video on a different VEVOR brand (JPS-20 ). It is pretty similar to the one we have explored together:

Pros and cons on the VEVOR ultrasonic cleaner

-Provides multiple choices for multiple dimensions
-Easy and quick to clean objects
-Made of stainless steel tank for durability
-Easy and instinctive to use
-Very noisy process
-- Needs several cleaning cycles to achieve the optimal results.

User reviews on the VEVOR commercial ultrasonic cleaner

After scrupulously viewing different opinions, we have concluded, and from experienced persons, that this machine is very practical and efficient on relatively dirty objects, but if you are looking to clean a greasy old car part, you will need more than one hand to obtain the optimal results you were looking for.

Another problem you may encounter as a daily user is that the temperature regulator may not work well sometimes, it would let the temperature rise even higher than the preselected input, and you will have to manually turn off the heater when it reaches what you were looking for.

And lastly, what is the most annoying thing is the noise generated by this machine, so if you don’t want to disturb other persons, you will need to place it in a pretty isolated room.


Hopefully, now you know more about this product. to sum it up for you, if you are looking for an average ultrasonic cleaner capable of cleaning objects with moderate amounts of impurities while having the possibility to choose between huge volumes options, then the Vevor brand should be a good pick for you. However, if you are looking for perfect results without any faults, then you should consider taking a look at a different brand. We may cover those kinds of ultrasonic cleaners in another review.


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