L&R ultrasonic cleaner review

Our jewelry means a lot to every one of us. They make us remember our shared memories with friends, family and of course our beloved ones.

That’s why taking care of them is necessary, and we are ready to sacrifice lots of efforts and money to make them shine and clean as if they were bought yesterday. This is also true for our cars and their little mechanical components.

Luckily for us, there is an easy and cheap alternative for cleaning our precious belongings in just a few minutes. You just need to acquire an ultrasonic cleaner.

The question that remains is this: What brand should I consider? This is where this website can be useful to you. Here, we review the most famous ultrasonic devices like the ones made by Magnasonic, Kendal, etc…

Since you’ve most likely made a search on the famous L&R manufacturer, then we are happy to oblige with our L&R ultrasonic cleaner review. In this article, we will take a look at two well-known ultrasonic cleaners made by L&R.

We will focus, for each one of them on their features, strengths, without forgetting to mention their weaknesses. But before that, let’s first see what the L&R company is made of.

L&R: The brand

If you are searching for a brand 100% specialized in manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners and also their cleaning solutions, then you can turn to the iSonic brand, or you can look at the famous L&R.

L&R is one of the world leading companies that took a vow to only create ultrasonic cleaners and their solutions. But as they’ve encountered a huge success, we personally think that they can potentially change their policy and start investing in other high tech devices, but yet again, only time can confirm our prediction.

If you are wondering on how old is this company, then let’s set the record straight: They’ve been there for over 80 years! That explains their experience and also their commitment. Respect!

L&R ultrasonic cleaner review: Quick summary

First, let us have a quick overview of the products that we will see in this article:

Ultrasonic cleanerDimensionsWeightHeaterTank's capacityProduct page
L & R Quantrex Q90 ultrasonic cleaner

67/8" x 63/8" x 87/8"

7 pounds


64 oz

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L & R Quantrex Q140 ultrasonic cleaner

10-3/8"x 6-3/8"x 8"

9 pounds


96 oz

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L & R Quantrex Q90 ultrasonic cleaner

L & R Quantrex Q90 ultrasonic cleaner

Let’s start our L&R ultrasonic cleaner review with one of the smallest creations of L&R. By small, you obviously thought of the regular 20 oz tank’s capacity, didn’t you?

Well, L&R Quantrex Q90 ultrasonic cleaner is mainly destined for professionals with its 2-quart tank’s volume (64 oz). However, if you are a person who likes to take care of things personally, then acquiring this device to clean big-sized jewelry, or most likely your car’s parts, or even your guns won’t hurt you on the long term.

Why did we state that? Well, this ultrasonic is reliable and provides good features. It works with the regular 43 kHz frequency which is the recommended one for the objects that we’ve stated above.

If you want a device that can work for several minutes, then we got good news for you. L&R Quantrex Q90 provides 7 different cleaning cycles that can go up to 60 min.

Looking for a heater to enhance the cleaning process? Don’t worry, this ultrasonic cleaner has also a heater. Unfortunately, there is only one preset temperature, which is a little bit disappointing.

- Easy to use
- Good volume
- 7 Cleaning cycles going up to 60 min
- Has a heater
- Good warranty offered
- Only one preset temperature

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L & R Quantrex Q140 ultrasonic cleaner

L & R Quantrex Q140 ultrasonic cleaner

For those of you who are considering to purchase a larger ultrasonic cleaner, then the L&R Quantrex Q140 may be what you are looking for. It features a 3-quart sized tank (96 oz) which is pretty good if you are running a small business, or if you are a hardcore cars or guns’ hobbyist.

Since we’ve increased the volume of the tank, we will naturally find larger dimensions and also a heavier device (9 pounds vs 7 pounds).

With that being said, and since this unit is made by the same constructor, we shouldn’t be expecting to find big differences between it and the previous one.

We can find the same programmable timer that goes up to 60 min, and also the same heater that has only one preset temperature.

As for the “pros and cons” table, we will dismiss it this time, since the L&R Quantrex Q140 is similar to the L & R Quantrex Q90.

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That’s it for our L&R ultrasonic cleaner review. As you can see, it’s not hard to make a choice between two similar devices that have only dimensions and volumes differences.

Unfortunately, there is almost no feedback on the L&R ultrasonic cleaners, but if you are one of the few people that like to try things on their own, then we are fairly certain that you won’t be disappointed by these ultrasonic cleaners.

However, if you prefer to purchase something popular and well-approved, then we advise you to take a look at our kendal ultrasonic cleaner review.


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