Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner review

Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner review

Ultrasonic cleaners are destined to clean a multitude of objects from several fields of activity such as mechanics, medicine, electronics, industry, odontology, or jewelry.

They operate with extreme sweetness and incredible efficiency. They can also be used professionally and personally depending on your needs.

So, in sum, purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner can be an extremely wise move to make, especially if you want to reduce the cleaning efforts of your materials, and also if you want to obtain better results.

So now, you might ask yourself this: Since I’ve made a search on the Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner, is it really worth it to consider buying this device?

Well then, keep reading this article to find out, as it is destined for the Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner review. Here, we will point out all the features that you need to know about this machine.

In the end, we will also discover all the feedback targeting this cleaner, and we will highlight its strengths without forgetting to mention its weaknesses. Let’s start then!

Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner: What’s in the box?

Coil Master CM 800

The first thing you need to acknowledge before anything else is this: If I buy this cleaner, what do I get access to?

Just below, you can take a look at what’s in the box of this famous device. However, if you buy the Coil Master cleaner, and if you find anything missing by any chance, don’t hesitate to contact the store or website in which you made your purchase:

  1. Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner
  2. White plastic basket essential to put the objects you want to clean in it
  3. Watch holder, destined to hold your watches with ease
  4. A detailed user manual

Coil Master: design and features

It’s really rare to stumble across a good looking ultrasonic cleaner, and Coil Master is definitely one of those. It comes with a simple but yet, a captivating look.

The outside has a white and slate blue color scheme and the overall cleaner is oval shaped, and its outside is made of plastic.

Concerning the control panel, it’s equipped with a LED that turns red when the unit is running. Unfortunately, there isn’t a touch screen to control the device with it.

Instead, Coil Master has three regular buttons: The “on” and “off” ones, and the “reset” button.

What feature does the reset button provide you may ask? Well, if you want to turn the cleaner on for another 3 min of cleaning cycle, you can press the “reset” button. or, you can shut down the machine and press on again. We personally think that the reset button isn’t that useful.

The lid of the ultrasonic cleaner is made of plastic, and mostly, of a big piece of glass. The glass will allow you to take a peek at the cleaning operation without the need to open your cleaner.

But now, what about the device’s tank. No surprises here neither. It’s as you would expect to see in an ultrasonic cleaner, made of a 20 oz (0.6 L) capacity stainless steel. This will ensure resistance to rust and also to powerful cleaning solutions.

What’s more disappointing, is that you can’t choose a cycle that is superior or inferior to 3 min. Moreover, there isn’t a heater embedded to Coil Master, unlike what the majority of the Kendal cleaners have.

Coil Master: The specs

Ultrasonic cleanerUltrasonic frequencyultrasonic powerTank capacityOverall dimensionsCleaning cycle
Coil Master CM 800

40 KHz

35 W

20 oz (0.6 L)

6.1" x 3.7" x 2"

Only a 3 min cleaning cycle

Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner: Pros and cons of

time to wrap everything we saw in our Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner review in a simple “pros and cons” table:

- Easy to use
- Neat design
- Provides good cleaning results
- Pretty limited tank capacity
- No heater available
- Only 3 min cleaning cycle

Users feedback

On paper, the Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner seems to be a pretty cheap and standard machine to consider. But what has been said about it by the multiple users that tried it?

Well, this is where things caught us by surprise: People just loved this machine. It appears that its efficiency has been proved by many persons.

Don’t get us wrong, Coil Master got some criticism also. The only things that people wished were different, are the limited options of the cleaning cycles and also the absence of a heater.

However, keep in mind that this device is a really cheap choice to consider. It’s not very common to find a well-appreciated and cheap ultrasonic cleaner at the same time, like the Magnasonic cleaners also.

>>>Check the price of the Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner<<<

If you want to take a look at the Coil Master in full action, then you could like this video:


That’s it for our Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner review. So as you can guess, in sum, we think that the Coil Master ultrasonic cleaner is a great investment to make. This is definitely the case if you are on a limited budget.

However, if you can afford to spend more, and are looking for better cleaning results, then we recommend you to take a look at our Kendal review.

On the other hand, if you think that you need more time to study more options and to understand better the ultrasonic cleaning concept, then this article titled “Best ultrasonic cleaners for 2019” can be helpful to you.





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