What solution to use with an ultrasonic cleaner ?

For every existing machine, there are several precautions that you need to consider in order to ensure the maximum of the device’s efficiency, and ultrasonic cleaners are no exception to that. We may have pointed out in a previous article what should you consider before using an ultrasonic cleaner, but this time, what we will focus on is the solution that you should use depending on the situation. As you know, cleaning blood, saliva, and sweat do differ from cleaning grease, oil, or remove rust. After reading this article, you will be able to identify the solution you will need for the optimal cleaning results. Before further ado, let’s start.

Acidic solutions

This type of solution does indeed a perfect job removing mineral, rust, scale…If you have a metallic object suffering from various rust appearances, then you know what to pick. But before initiating the cleaning operation, keep in mind that strong acidic solutions like nitric, sulfuric or even formic can damage the tank of your ultrasonic cleaner. So before choosing any random acidic solution, make sure that your device’s tank can withstand these liquids.

Neutral solutions

Having a delicate object to clean, or you just want to remove some dust or organic impurities? Well, in this case, neutral solutions are the ones you should consider. These types are widely used in the medical field, efficient in cleaning the instruments.

Mildly alkaline solutions

Having a mechanical piece suffering from multiple oily and greasy impurities that you want to remove? Well, no need to worry; alkaline solutions will surely solve your problem. Apart from that, these solutions are considered to be the standard choice, because they can clean also other types of dirt, like organic ones or even dust.

Specialized cleaning solutions

Now that we have seen the main three types of solutions used to clean various objects with various impurities, you can do a search on the internet about the « DIY » videos on homemade solutions if you want to do things by yourself. If you think that this won’t be necessary, then read this section. Here, we will explore, the best cleaning products available on the market. They are specialized for certain objects and for certain types of dirt; keep scrolling if you are interested.

Quick summary

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Destined to clean jewelry

Product page
Isonic CSDW01 ultrasonic cleaning powder

Destined to clean dental appliances

Product page
Lyman Turbo Sonic gun parts cleaning solution

Destined to clean gun parts

Product page

Destined to remove
rust and corrosion

Product page
Elmasonic 800 0132 Elma TEC Clean A4

Destined to remove grease and oil

Product page

Cleaning solution for jewelry

Check price

As you can guess, these types of materials are generally subjugated to organic impurities like sweat, dead skin or oils, so what are the best products on the market?
Well, we thought that we could give you the best one available at the moment and Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution does respond to this criterion. It is biodegradable, free of dangerous toxins and does not contain abrasive chemicals that can harm your objects. It’s 100 % safe four your precious jewelry. Another thing to consider about this solution is that it is entirely refunded if you aren’t satisfied. On top of that, it did receive countless positive feedbacks so you won’t regret buying it.

Cleaning solution for dental and other dental appliances


Check price

Now for these objects, let’s identify the type of impurities that you want to remove; Blood, food and of course saliva are on the menu, so we are talking about organic contaminants. In this case, you should consider the Isonic CSDW01 ultrasonic cleaning powder. We know, we know, we promised you that we will talk about solutions; however, using a powder that you dilute in water is much more profitable than buying a “ready to use” one. Now to use it on heavy stains, you should put 1 teaspoon per cup of tap water. As for daily cleaning, disinfection, and light stains, 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon per cup of water should do the job. Concerning its popularity, this iSonic powder just like the iSonic ultrasonic cleaners is well appreciated by the public. We can safely assume that its quality is guaranteed.

Cleaning solution for gun parts

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Just like the previous two products, let’s see what are the impurities that you can find in this case; the classics and the ones that everyone could guess are oil, carbon buildup and powder residue. However, just like any hand manipulated object, the external parts of the gun will certainly contain dirt, like dust, dead skin, or sweat. To remove all of these unwanted contaminants you could certainly opt for your homemade detergent, or you could opt for a safer and more efficient product like the « Lyman Turbo Sonic gun parts cleaning solution ». If you are familiar with firearms, you would have certainly heard of this famous corporation. It is well reputed and known for its durable objects. For now, we can safely assume that this product is 100% viable, especially after looking at the positive ratings it received from its users

Cleaning solution for rust and corrosion

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This is the one that the majority of you have waited for are we right? With the huge spread of metallic objects in this century, you will certainly find a way to use a product that can remove rust and corrosion. Although the main function of the “Master STAGES CLEAN 2030” product is to remove rust, it has another neat feature. It will provide up to two weeks of indoor rust inhibition on iron and steel as well as in-process tarnish resistance on copper. Keep in mind that this product is pretty expensive, but with its huge volume (5 gals), we certainly can’t complain about that. Lastly, we want you to know that this product isn’t very famous, but if you are confident that it will respond to your needs, don’t hesitate to make a purchase then.

Cleaning solution for greasy and oily objects ( carburetors, bike parts, etc…)

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We couldn’t end this article without viewing a product destined for cars and bikes lovers. If you want to give a second breath to your old, oily and greasy mechanical parts then you should consider « Elmasonic 800 0132 Elma TEC Clean A4 Universal Ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing solution ». Although it is a concentrated product, its average price will even allow you to use it at a domestic level. Don’t forget to dilute it with 1 to 5% before pouring it into your ultrasonic’s tank. Just like the previous solution, this one did not embrace huge popularity from the internet users, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it isn’t efficient.


Now that you got a good idea about what solutions to use with ultrasonic cleaners, we are fairly certain that you can make the right choice depending on your needs. If you want to make a homemade solution, then examine the type of contaminant you want to remove. Based on that, choose one of the three types explained above. If you want a ready to use product then you know where to look.

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